MEYER | Logistics offers Medical Courier Services to Local Area Hospitals
01 Feb

MEYER | Logistics offers Medical Courier Services to Local Area Hospitals

MEYER Logistics has expanded its courier and dedicated fleet services to support highly specialized, bio-hazardous and medical route work. Now local area hospitals, like Backus Hospital (featured below), can benefit from William B. Meyer’s competitive services like: pick-up and delivery, supply delivery, medical records and mail.

Maintaining a private, dedicated van and truck fleet for internal courier services can be draining on hospital system resources. It is expensive to own, store, and maintain a van and truck fleet. Additionally, the hospital must also absorb the cost to train drivers in the proper handling and care of bio-hazardous and sensitive medical materials. These factors, as well as the time needed to manage them, can distract a hospital from its core mission: to offer quality care to its patients. However, many hospital systems extend through a 75 to 150 mile radius and are in need of trustworthy, comprehensive courier services that can manage deliveries to and from different facilities across a wide variety of purposes.Newsletter Photo

MEYER Logistics is able to provide these services at a competitive cost, with minimal interruption to the hospital.  MEYER couriers, adhering to HIPAA guidelines, pick up and deliver lab time sensitive specimens and test results between hospitals, outpatient centers and labs. MEYER couriers can transport sensitive medical equipment and supplies to and from different hospital locations safely. Lastly, MEYER can organize and sort all incoming and outgoing mail, as well as internal medical records, from each different location, ensuring that each piece arrives to its intended destination as quickly as possible.

Peter Oman, Director of Sales for William B. Meyer, Inc., has been managing MEYER Logistics’ relationship with local area hospitals and is behind the recent expansion in services. “By taking this step further into medical courier services, we are offering more comprehensive coverage for our clients. We protect them by assuming responsibility and thus limit their liability. Our experience and infrastructure allow our couriers to do the same job more efficiently and cost effectively than the hospitals could.” 

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