A Sweet Success Story: The Evolution of Confectionery Storage, Distribution and Transportation Services at William B. Meyer, Inc.
19 Jul

A Sweet Success Story: The Evolution of Confectionery Storage, Distribution and Transportation Services at William B. Meyer, Inc.

In the 1990s a national fundraising organization that manufactured chocolates for use in school fundraisers needed a logistics provider. Its successful sales model, which focused on generating revenue through the door-to-door fundraising efforts of schoolchildren, meant that its distribution territory was large and varied. Suddenly, it found itself in need of a provider with the capability to receive the chocolate, store it safely, and then ship it out to a customer as needed.

At that time, William B. Meyer, Inc. had never housed any fine confectionery products; but it offered temperature-controlled warehousing space, order fulfillment services and a quality guarantee for customer service that convinced the chocolate supplier to use MEYER Logistics for its needs. From there, William B. Meyer, Inc.’s service offerings for confectionery companies grew. As Tom Holden, Account Manager for MEYER Logistics states, “As soon as William B. Meyer, Inc. took that first step into this new market, we began investing in specialized machinery and warehousing features. We wanted to insure that we would have the necessary tools to protect the quality and integrity of our clients’ product.”

MEYER Logistics now features a full suite of specialized services for the confectionery industry. These include: refrigerated trucking systems, a chiller room, cross-docking features, cold-chain management, and pool distribution and consolidation services. As an asset-based carrier, William B. Meyer, Inc. is also uniquely positioned to supplement its core confectionery services with its value-added warehouse services. For those clients that require it, William B. Meyer, Inc. also has pick, pack & ship, order fulfillment, EDI capabilities, on-line reporting and the capacity to accommodate same-day, next-day, weekend, holiday and after-hours deliveries.

As William B. Meyer, Inc. grew its services, it kept growing its clientele. To date, William B. Meyer, Inc. has retained that first confectionery customer, and has added multiple national and local fundraising chocolate companies to its client list. Most importantly, William B. Meyer, Inc. has now entered into contracts to be the Northeastern 3PL provider of logistics services for major retail confectionery vendors. As Jim Brown, Vice President and General Manager for William B. Meyer, Inc. states, “Our client list continues to grow because of the positive feedback that we receive from current clients. They trust William B. Meyer, Inc. to protect their product quality and their company’s reputation. We will continue evaluating the industry’s needs and reviewing our solutions to provide the best service possible.”

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